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The federal government has agreed on a tiered model for living space for the distribution of heating costs in tenancies (draft 20/689 v. 15.02.2022 adopted). The CO2 costs should decrease 01.01.2023 divided between landlord and tenant.

The allocation should be made depending on the energetic condition of the building, to give landlords incentives to modernize older buildings. The worse the energy balance of the respective building is, the higher the share of the energy costs that the landlord should take over should be – and vice versa.

There is freedom of contract in the commercial sector.

The regulation leads to a reduction in returns for property owners. The additional participation in the CO2 tax increases the so-called. non-recoverable operating costs. Older buildings in particular therefore generate lower ongoing income. For the valuation of real estate, in addition to the multiplier or. the gross initial return the annual net rent (Headline-Rent) essential. For a correct assessment, this will probably be corrected to a greater extent in the future by the CO tax, which has a concrete negative effect on the real estate valuation.

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